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    • Asthma Steriods Cause Adrena Gland Side Effects

      Asthma Steriods Cause Adrena Gland Side Effects

      Steroids are commonly prescribed for sufferers of asthma and allergies, but a study has now found that once these prescribed steroids are finished [...]
    • Child Car Seat Napping Can Be Deadly

      Child Car Seat Napping Can Be Deadly

      How many of you out there have hoped against all hope that your little one would take a nap once experiencing the lull of a car ride in the child [...]
    • Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

      Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

      May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month for good reason.  The weather is warmer and the motorcycles are back out on the roads to enjoy the open [...]
    • Treadmill Accidents Can Be Deadly

      Treadmill Accidents Can Be Deadly

      News reports have broadcast the sad, untimely death of the husband of Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, David Goldberg, in a Mexican hotel gym while [...]
    • Mucinex Recall

      Mucinex Recall

      Hear ye, hear ye, Mucinex is the latest recall in the long line of product recalls we are alerting our readers to!  The makers of Mucinex recalled [...]
    • Trek Bike Recall

      Trek Bike Recall

      The very popular Trek Bikes is the subject of a very important Consumer Product Safety Commission recall of Trek bicycles with front disc brakes and [...]
    • Black Tea and Kidney Failure

      Black Tea and Kidney Failure

      Chances are drinking tea has been growing on you lately given that, the market for tea in the United States has grown by more than four times in the [...]
    • Amy’s Kitchen Recall

      Amy’s Kitchen Recall

      The U. S. Food and Drug Administration announced a voluntary recall by Amy’s Kitchen, Inc. as of March 22, 2015 for some of their products containing [...]
    • Latest Xarelto News

      Latest Xarelto News

      The anticoagulant drug, Xarelto, has been the subject of warnings on this site on more than one occasion due to its dangerous bleeding complications [...]
    • Tylenol Makers Plead Guilty

      Tylenol Makers Plead Guilty

      Walk to your medicine cabinet and throw away all your over-the-counter drugs made by Johnson & Johnson.  Does that sound alarmist?  Perhaps [...]