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Bicycle Safety: Make Sure Your Kids Know How to Avoid Accidents

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1. Always wear an approved bicycle safety helmet.
2. Avoid riding after dark or if the weather is bad. All cyclists are at risk when it’s dark.
3. Obey traffic signs, signals and pavement marking.
4. Move with the flow of traffic.
5. Stop and check for traffic before you enter a street from a driveway, parking lot or sidewalk.
6. Give cars and pedestrians the right of way. It’s an act of courtesy and safer too.
7. Be extra careful turning left. Vehicles approaching or following you don’t expect you to go left and often don’t see a turning cyclist.
8. Slow Down, when you approach intersections; stop, look and listen at stop signs.
9. Wear light or bright colored clothes.
10. Avoid broken pavement, litter, loose gravel, mud, or leaves. Any of these can make you loose control of your bike.