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Craig Kelley

Tracy Morgan and James “Jimmy Mack” McNair: Another Tragedy Caused by Lack of Sleep?

This weekend brought yet another tragedy caused by a truck driver who hadn’t slept for more than 24 hours prior to the accident. Although the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) requires truck drivers to take breaks from driving in […]

Craig Kelley

Nebraska and Iowa Address Distracted Driving Accident Prevention Awareness

As April draws to a close, we remind our clients, friends and family to avoid distracted driving by keeping your mind and hands on your driving. April is designated as the month dedicated to prevention of Distracted Driving, including texting, […]

Craig Kelley

DISTRACTED DRIVING: Can a device protect my teen from texting and driving?

We have all seen the pictures.  Everyone knows of the dangers of texting and driving, yet the message doesn’t seem to be sinking in.  In 2011 alone, 3,331 people were killed in car accidents involving distracted drivers and an additional […]

Craig Kelley

Inserra & Kelley Leads Fundraising Effort of Local Cycling Community for OPD Bike Patrol

As we move towards the end of the year, it is important to keep those in need in mind. This includes our public servants.  In October, Kurt Goetzinger, a lifelong cyclist and bicycle advocate contacted Inserra & Kelley partner/attorney Craig […]

Craig Kelley

Bicycle/Truck Accidents: Am I in the blind spot?

In 2012, Nebraska motor vehicle accidents took the lives of 212 people and injured 15,872.  A motor vehicle accident occurred every 17 minutes.   Bicyclists comprised 328 of the injured in 2012, while no bicyclists were killed last year.  According to […]

Craig Kelley

Do Bicycle Lanes Help Prevent Serious Injuries?

In today’s fitness-centered world, bicycling has become a popular mode of travel and keeping fit.   More and more Americans are relying on two-wheeled transportation to get them to and from work, as well as replacing gym memberships for many avid […]

Craig Kelley

Iowa Department of Transportation Proposes Regulation of Traffic Cameras

If you are operating a motor vehicle in the State of Iowa, you know speeds are carefully monitored.  Last week, the Iowa Department of Transportation published new rules requiring cities and counties to provide proof there’s a critical safety concern […]

Craig Kelley

Is flashing your headlights protected by the First Amendment?

Have you ever warned another motorist approaching a speed trap by flashing your lights?  A driver in Ellisville, MO did and was ticketed for improper flashing of signals.  He chose to fight the ticket and refused to plead guilty, causing […]

John Inserra

Does Your Teen Wear A Seatbelt?

Although teen drivers statistically have the highest rate of accidents of any other demographic per 100,000 drivers, they also tend to be the least likely to buckle up, often ironically citing…

Craig Kelley

Cyclist Assisted By Omaha’s Cycling Community

It is inspiring when we get to read about, or even experience the kindness of strangers, but even better when you live in the city and are able to experience that kindness firsthand by someone…