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Sarah Cool

Iowa State Supreme Court Changes Age-Old Law Affecting Injury Suits

The Des Moines Register is reporting on a change in the law initiated by the Iowa Supreme Court. Before last week, a centuries-old provision distinguished between different classes or categories…

Craig Kelley

Kids, Crocs, Rubber Shoes And Flip Flop Sandals AND Escalators a Bad Mix

BE CAREFUL with your young ones, rubber shoes, and sandals and escalators!
THere have been many reports of injuries involving these shoe types and escalators, especially with children.

Craig Kelley

Child Dies from Innocent Back Yard Game of Tag – Is YOUR Property Safe for Children to Play Care (AND Injury-free?

Omaha police said 10-year-old Garrett Schomer was impaled on a metal rod that was protruding from a playhouse in a neighbor’s yard. The incident happened just before 4 p.m. Sunday, April 13.

Craig Kelley

If You Are Bitten Or Attacked By A Dog, You Have Rights

The Iowa dog bite/attack statute imposes liability upon dog owners for damage or injury caused by their dogs, whether by biting, attack or other means, to both people and other domesticated…