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Ryan Sewell

Johnson & Johnson Will Pay Millions for Talc – Ovarian Cancer Verdicts

This firm has given the information and updates on talcum powder and its realized link to deadly ovarian cancer in women.  The latest news in the world of verdicts against talcum powder makers involves a verdict against Johnson & Johnson by […]

Craig Kelley

E-Cigarette Explosions Endangering Consumers!

E-cigarettes consumers turn to when kicking the regular cigarette habit is proving dangerous in other ways.  They have the potential to explode and the news has abounded with stories on injured users from explosions.  A man in Florida suffered severe […]

Craig Kelley

Are you safer with e-cigarettes?

Many smokers trying to overcome the addiction have jumped on the e-cigarette bandwagon to get their nicotine fix without the accompaniment of tobacco smoke.  However, there have been few studies to date to confirm whether or not e-cigarettes are going […]

Craig Kelley

California Apple Plant and Listeria

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, as long as the apple is not one of the apples from a California plant recently connected to a deadly listeria outbreak, according to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The subject plant […]

Craig Kelley

Fireball Whiskey May Have More Than You Bargained For

There’s a good chance that many readers are mourning the red flags being risen in regards to the product, Fireball whiskey, manufactured by Louisiana located Sazerac Co. The drink has often been popular given the proclivity of wedding photos showing […]