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Elk Horn, Iowa Motorcycle Rider Dead Due to Inattentiveness of SUV Driver – Could Faster D.O.T. Response Have PREVENTED THIS Accident

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Ross Boeck will NEVER know if faster response by our own Federal Government would have saved his life.  The City of Harlan, Iowa has been waiting since LAST year for response on their Petition to the Department of Transporation (DOT) to put in a four-way stop sign at the intersection where Mr. Boeck was killed, according to news reports.

Ironically, the week PRIOR to this horrific accident, the city received notice from the DOT that it had been approved for a four-way stop at the intersection, and DOT crews were on scene a few days before the accident surveying the intersection for where to put stop signs and power to flashing red lights, which would most likely have lessened the speed of the impact due to the negligence of Shannon Bartley, who pulled out in front of Mr. Boeck.

Our tax dollars at work!

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