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Often times, heart patients are released from the hospital with instructions to eat better, exercise more, and make lifestyle changes. One of those changes is a daily habit – taking aspirin once a day. Now, a new study released this month indicates that chewable aspirin is better than tablets for heart patients. The study was conducted by the University of California at San Diego, La Jolla. The study focused on chewable aspirin, which is sometimes referred to as “baby aspirin” when indicated as a daily must-have for heart patients. The study had just fourteen participants – one woman and thirteen men. Each was given 1,950 milligrams of aspirin each day, which is the equivalent of about six regular aspirin tablets. However, participants were asked to take the aspirin in different ways when the dose was delivered in a tablet rather than chewable form. One group was asked to swallow aspirin tablets whole while another taking tablets was asked to chew the tablets before swallowing. The third group took chewable aspirin (which is made to be chewed, unlike tablets). Researchers then tested the amount of aspirin in the participant’s blood and found that the group that took chewable aspirin had the drug in their system faster and at a greater rate as compared to those that chewed or swallowed tablets.

It seems that chewing allows the aspirin to enter the body’s system and start working more quickly than tablets. Generally, aspirin works quickly – within 15 minutes. However, this time can be precious as damage to the body can occur quickly during a heart attack. Aspirin helps to prevent clotting, but if you feel like you are experiencing heart troubles at any time, you should seek medical attention immediately. While you’re caring for your heart day-to-day in the meantime, consider chewable aspirin rather than tablets for a little extra benefit.

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