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Omaha police said 10-year-old Garrett Schomer was impaled on a metal rod that was protruding from a playhouse in a neighbor’s yard. The incident happened just before 4 p.m. Sunday, April 13.

The metal rod struck the child in the temple area. A friend removed the metal piece from the young boy’s head and  a rescue squad was immediately summoned.

The boy was transported to Nebraska Medical Center where he later died. Police said he had critical head and brain injuries.

Witnesses describe the piece of metal as three-quarters of an inch thick and about 2 feet long.

Schomer was in the fourth grade at Benson West Elementary School.

The boy was playing tag with friends when the incident happened.  Police said no foul play was involved. It’s not clear where the metal rod came from or whether it was attached to a small wooden playhouse.  All of this info was reported thru the MSNBC website.

Why is this story worthy of a BLOG?  To warn all of us property owners to inspect our properties thinking like a child, to make sure that there are no open and obvious dangers that could cause serious injuries to kids just being kids. 

TAKE 10-20 minutes and take a gander at your yard.  I have represented parents of children who were injured on dangerous and neglected playsets, and most recently parents of a child that was badly burned when the 4-year old ran through hot ashes in a improperly=extinguished burn pile (he was also playing tag).  Kids playing tag are not paying attention to their surroundings, only avoiding who is “IT.” 

Think like those crazed young TAG or KICK THE CAN players when you look for things that could injure a child at YOUR place, so that you never have to feel like this boy’s neighbor.  My 9-year old could be playing at your place.



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