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Are they FAIR? They ticket the car owner, NOT the driver (they can’t), and the violators receive civil fines, NOT criminal citations registered with the "Iowa Department of Transportation. The Iowa Supreme Court will hear all of the constitutional arguments and render a decision.

Do they work? Do people learn where these cameras are located, and avoid the "orange" light intersection throttle-through? Result: government coffers suffer from less ticket revenue. Even with less tickets and government revenue, the safety element (LESS intersection collisions) would seem to be a big remaining positive, but are they more safe?,

It ALSO appears that the result may be MORE REAR-END collisions as people slam on the brakes at yellow lights at camera-ed corners.

Do the cameras fairly raise funds for local and state governments while making intersections safer and cutting the number of dangerous T-Bone collisions at these intersections, OR unfairly target unsuspecting and unknowing drivers while causing more high-speed rear-end collisions as the knowing drivers, that are familiar with these intersections, slam on their brakes to avoid the cameras

Stay tuned

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