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Pokémon GO has become a phenomenon in 2016 that has sent enthusiasts out into the world with a new technology prone to cause distraction.  While the start of school may have slowed down the frequency of game playing, it does continue to be a popular distraction.  The problem comes with game players either driving, bicycling, or walking while playing Pokémon GO, which can lead to distraction and accidents.  The game actually rewards players for moving around as much as possible, which can be a problem out in the real world of being among other humans while distracted.  A university study looked at Twitter for some answers to just how distracted players of the game have become and found that around thirteen hundred tweets out of four thousand they looked at indicated users were driving while playing and there have been actual reports tweeted out that accidents have happened while playing the game.  They found that another five hundred or so of the tweets indicated game players were in some form of danger while playing distracted.  There is real concern that those walking or riding bicycles will go out into traffic while distracted and risk being struck by motorists unable to stop in time.  The university researchers conducting the study are concerned that the tweets they have found are just a small percentage of Pokémon GO distractions leading to accidents and injuries, given that many people would not use Twitter to broadcast. 

While Pokémon GO has been hailed by many over the summer of 2016 as getting people active and exercising again, the benefits might have to be brought into balance with the dangers if distracted Pokémon GO playing continues to be a big problem out on the streets and society at large.  As with any form of distracted driving or distracted moving, individuals must think safety first and exercise activity with caution and care for fellow human beings out in the world.  Parents should not hesitate to lay down ground rules for Pokémon GO play with their children to be proactive in keeping them and others safe during game play.   

  Spread the word that distracted driving and other transportation activities (walking, skating, skateboarding, bicycling, etc.) is never okay and Pokémon GO can be another big distraction out there in the world at large.  If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of an accident due to distraction of any kind, please contact Inserra Kelley Sewell as you may be entitled to compensation.           

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