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The plan in the Omaha – Council Bluffs metro area was to have the streets repaired by MID-April. Well, I just filed my tax return and that means we have completed the middle of April.

I have almost killed myself in a pothole on my bicycle, I have almost crashed myself in a chuckhole on my motorcycle, and I was nearly in a motor vehicle accident when a car in the opposite land flew out of a crater hole in to my lane and almost hit me head-on yesterday afternoon.

The metro road crews have a LONG way to go to finish repairing the roads from the long cold winter we just suffered, and I sincerely hope that the metro officials do not think they are close to finished with the road traps this Spring. If they do, then need to hop in their cars and go out and tear up their vehicles on our city streets, like my wife and son have both wrecked rims on their cars in the last two weeks. I just hope no one gets killed or suffers serious bodily injuries while our politicos fail to throw the proper manpower or equipment on the streets to address this serious problem.

AND, it was reported on April 20 by WOWT that the City of Omaha is once again refusing to pay for vehicle damage caused by even the biggest road holes

Serpentine and pray out there, my friends!!

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