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On July 19, 2006, members of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA) voted at their annual membership meeting in Seattle, Washington to change the organization’s name to the American Association for Justice. I , as well as ALL members of my Firm, voted to leave the anme as it was and has been.

The reason for the new name, the American Association for Justice, is supposedly to better reflect the group’s mission of promoting justice and accountability in the courtroom. In representing their clients fairly and honestly, the A.A.J. attorneys work hard each and every day to ensure that justice prevails.

Through the new name, the American Association for Justice hopes to communicate its larger role in protecting and strengthening the civil justice system. It is hoped the new name goes beyond who the group of lawyers is, bringing to light what they do for their clients. We at Inserra & Kelley feel that the name change buckles to the constant smearing of our valuable profession by Tort reformers!

Tort reform proponents continue to blame trial lawyers for the country’s malpractice crisis and many other ills caused by politicians and govermnment, conducting many massive campaigns to slander their image of trial lawyers. Through websites such as People Over Profits, however, it is easy to see how dedicated these attorneys are to helping victims. Trial lawyers have, and will continue to, take the fight to Congress to ensure that every American’s civil rights are protected, and every accident victim is guaranteed the highest quality legal representation without recovery limits.

The name change will go into effect following the November 2006 elections, and the American Association for Justice will release further information on its purpose.

What a sad statement on the power of the media to misplace blame and promote a pullback in the rights offered by our 200+ year-old Justice System that has served us so well.

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