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This is a question I keep hearing from my clients!

It all depends on the last 2 digits of your social security number, whether you are registered to receive your refunds by snail mail or direct deposit to your bank account, and of course, you must have your tax return completed and not have filed for an extension on the deadline to file a tax return, as many do

Here is the skinny:


Last two SSN digits: Payments will be transmitted no later than:
00 through 20……May 2
21 through 75……May 9
76 through 99……May 16

Paper checks will also go out based on Social Security number. For Social Security numbers ending in 00 through 09, the paper checks will be mailed starting May 9 and will continue through May 16. A similar process will be repeated in the following weeks.


Last two SSN digits……Payments will be mailed no later than:
00 through 09……May 16
10 through 18……May 23
19 through 25……May 30
26 through 38……June 6
39 through 51……June 13
52 through 63……June 20
64 through 75……June 27
76 through 87……July 4
88 through 99……July 11

People who file a return after April 15 will receive their economic stimulus payment, but probably about two weeks later than the schedule shows. A return must be filed by Act. 15 in order to receive a stimulus payment this year. See the online calculator for an estimate of the amount you will receive.

ENJOY the mula you receive!  Save it, spend it on something fun, or on gas and groceries.  In this Spring of rising costs and recession, the money RETURNED from the government is better than money always headed in the OTHER direction!


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